What is confidence?

A person without confidence is like a bird scared of heights

Confidence versus fear

When you have confidence you have trust:

- trust in yourself

- trust in your abilities to manage life

- trust in your skills to handle adverse situations

Confidence can be seen as the opposite of fear. Whereas fear can paralyze us and turn us into passive victims of circumstances, confidence works motivating.

Confidence: list of ingredients

Here are a few of the main pillars that confidence is build upon: 

  • Willingness to acknowledge all emotions and circumstances.
  • Validation of ourselves, including our weaknesses and painful emotions. 
  • Willingness to take control of our life.
  • Giving yourself permission to live life authentically.
  • Setting goals and moving towards them, regardless...

Having confidence means that you remain optimistic in the face of adverse circumstances: you know that you have what it takes to overcome problems. You know that you are resourceful. You have a deep sense of your ability to succeed with the task at hand. 

Confidence for Inner Wellness

Confidence is the major ingredient for Inner Wellness. It helps us overcome our deepest fears, it dissolves negative emotions and leaves us optimistic, positive, motivated and balanced. It gives us passion, drive and energy to keep moving in the direction of our dream. We see opportunities instead of obstacles and stand by our decisions regardless of the critical opinion of others. 

Confidence as buffer for stress and burnout

A constant lack of confidence can lead to physical, emotional and mental exhaustion. When we feel overwhelmed, powerless and trapped in a seemingly helpless situation, our stress level rises which can ultimately result in a burnout. 

Confidence is a skill that can be learned. 

In my training, we investigate the different pillars of confidence. We then decide which aspects we want to address first. This does not mean a full, deep analysis of the past, the childhood and family dynamics. 

Building confidence also means being fully in the here and now, taking responsibility and refusing to be a victim. Taking control of our lives means letting go of limiting messages we might have been given in the past.

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