Who and what is ZekerJezelf

ZekerJezelf [Pron.: 'zekər ' jəˈzəlf'] is a combination of the two dutch words “zeker” and “jezelf”.

Def.: Zeker [pron. 'zekər]: When you are certain that something is going to happen or are sure of a fact: sure, a hundred percent solid, without a doubt.

Def.: Jezelf [pronounce ‘jəˈzəlf’]: Yourself

for stress reduction & burnout prevention

I offer talks and training in building and sustaining a healthy level of self-confidence.

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Who am I?

My name is Anette Schäfer and I believe in the immense power of positive thought, self-compassion and unconditional acceptance of ourselves. By combining these energies, I truly am convinced that we can step out of our comfort zone, exceed the limits that have been holding us back and achieve true freedom and fulfillment.

I am a teacher/trainer of English, psychology and mental empowerment at the Dutch School of Police Studies in The Hague. I have run self empowerment and assertiveness trainings since 1997, when I was still living and working as a secondary teacher in Great Britain.

My personal journey of self-discovery began prior to this when I discovered a malignant tumour in my throat during a relaxation exercise at a workshop entitled, significantly, “Love yourself, Heal your life”. Both grateful and intrigued by what might have happened had I not attended, I decided to train as a “Heal your life” teacher myself following my recovery. The training is based on the philosophy of Louise Hay, whom I still regard as one of the pioneers in the field of self-development.

Our thinking determines our emotions, our emotions determine our action, and our action determines our life-experiences and how we deal with them. You need to watch your thinking!

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For practical reasons, this website was designed in Dutch. I do however offer my workshops and all materials in English as well as German. 

For more information feel free to contact me: anette@zekerjezelf.com

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Wordt het niet zweverig?

"Vooraf had ik de vrees dat je workshop wat zweverig zou worden, maar dat is absoluut niet waar."

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