Confidence training

My work focuses on the ultimate foundation of unconditional confidence: self-esteem and self acceptance. Unconditional confidence meaning: confidence that is not based on anything externally but rests solidly on itself.

We look at questions such as

• How do I feel about myself?

• Do I accept myself the way I am? 

• Where do my negative believes come from? 

• How can I replace unwanted negative patterns that are of no use to me anymore? 

We will look at how and why our confidence can be lost and, crucially, how it can be re-built.

My approach

I use tangible techniques which will stimulate us mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally as I am sure that all of these are inter-linked and we need to change our way of thinking on all of these levels.

Only when you definitely, certainly, genuinely, positively, unconditionally, indisputably, without fail  love and accept yourself, can you achieve the life you do want to live.

Thanks to my study of applied psychology plus my training and experience as a teacher of mental empowerment and social skills, my approach has developed and expanded over the last 17 years I have been involved in this work. I offer practical, realistic trainings with concrete and accessible material based on a combination of spirituality, psychology and scientific research. 

My personal qualities such as empathic concern, caring nature and sense of humor have become a trademark for my work.

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