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"It's a life changer"

"Your day was so fantastic. My husband got so much out of it and learnt a massive amount. The information you gave is more important than people realise. I didn't want to say on the day as my Dutch isn’t so good yet, but when I was 15 I lost all the hair on the back of my head due to alopecia. This was after spending over a year with my body in fight or flight mode due to a very stressful situation. A perfect example of how what you think affects your physical being. Wish I'd had you around back then.

The information on your workshops really is a life changer. I got 6 years of pills from the doctors! Needless to say they didn't help at all. No surprise to you that the relaxation classes I started when I was 21 did!"

"Supportive with a great sense of humor"

"My main concern was that I might look foolish when expressing the issues I was struggling with at the time, as I was feeling very emotional and vulnerable. Another hesitation was that is woudl be too “airy-fairy” and not of any practical use. 

None of this was the case, however. It felt safe to talk and it was beneficial to listen to other’s experiences. Anette created a warmly supportive environment. I came away with some really useful techniques and strategies to help me move on in the areas I wanted to work on.

I really enjoyed the pair work and small group work. Guided by Anette, I felt safe and supported to open up and it felt really good. I enjoyed the sessions because it meant a time-out period just for myself alone: I could spent those hours just thinking about myself, caring for myself. 

Anette is a warm, intelligent and empathetic woman , not to mention her great sense of humour, which was also very important at times! 

I would really recommend working with Anette. I took a 60 miles round trip to take part in her workshops and it was wel worth it!"

Pat Durrant (York, UK)

"Great combination of theory and science"

"I joined because I wanted to work on my self-image. Having read a lot of Louise Hay books and also being a great fan of Dr. Wayne Dyer, I was interested in hearing  and seeing  how Anette would combine this with her own work.

She added a lot of personal messages and excercises, which I liked very much. All her activities were great and I specifically liked the back-up of the theory with science and psychology.

It was a very social event too, you get to meet a lot of like-minded people. Anette has a lot of expertise and she obviously knows from personal experience what she is talking about. 

I would recommend Anette’s workshops as they are inspirational, they set you thinking. Personally, i have gained a sense of direction. I will definately take part in another workshop given by Anette."

Maria Kelly (Goes)

"I loved it"

"I took part in the workshop  because I thought it was a good chance to get back int touch with myself. It certainly did that and it reminded me how important positive thinking is to health and wellbeing. 

What I most enjoyed were the breathing excercises, the list of appreciation and writing your personal affirmations. And I love the singing at the end! 

Anette creates a beatiful, calm atmoshpere and her work is well presented. Anette is well informed, which I find very important in workshops like these. 

I loved it!"

Lynn Soeters-Taylor (Burgh Haamstede)

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